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Royal Restrooms redefined the mobile restroom business 20 years ago when the standard port-a-potty was redesigned to include flushing toilets, running water, and air conditioning.  Today, Royal Restrooms continues to innovate by introducing state-of-the-art products with clients, in mind while seamlessly blending modern design features.  Taking feedback and input from trade professionals and incorporating the technical knowledge that can only be gained after being in the business for two decades, Royal Restrooms new product offerings are again setting the standard for the rest of the industry.  

Two-Stall Vintage Series Restroom

The Two-Stall Vintage Series Restroom was designed to blend into any setting, while still making a stylish statement. The polished stainless-steel exterior brings the initial “wow” factor, which continues through to the functionality and style of the interior space. Not just a simple white box, our Vintage Series Restrooms are redefining what it means to be a portable bathroom.  

Two-Stall Vintage Series Restroom Image Slide1, Link to Larger Image - Two-Stall Vintage Series Restroom

Mobile Beverage Carts

The mobile beverage cart was designed as the solution for caterers and home host alike.  No longer is there a need to set up tables, tents, and coolers for service.  Our mobile beverage carts are perfect for both alcoholic service as well as for school functions or church socials because of the integrated deep well ice chests, under-counter refrigerators, and sinks.  Efficient, professional, and classy beverage service is achievable.

Mobile Beverage Carts Image Slide1, Link to Larger Image - Mobile Beverage Carts